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Sayed Irshad Ali

Born in Udaipur (Rajasthan, India), he is currently living and working from his studio here.He has completed his Masters of Visual Arts from Chitrakala Parisath, Bangalore.Being a young contemporary artist he uses a technique of 'paint peel' which shows the first layers set down as opposed to the traditional methods of paintings where you see the last layers applied.

In his work he is melding the past with today, bringing together an entrance of 'welcome' joining 'Modern Art' and traditions to open the eyes and pave the way for a 'New Art' in India.

He has exhibited his works in Germany as well as India.He has done some site specific works in Udaipur on contemporary issues like 'water shortages', 'metro culture' in provincial small cities etc.He has received a student award from Rajasthan Lalit Kala Acadmy in 2007 and a nomination for United Nations, Population Fund (UNFPA) Cms Act For Social Change in 2008.

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For further cultural assimilations and experiences he has travelled to Australia and Germany with view of bringing to his work an international commentary, such as in his works in progress of 'Comment' on Iraq and Afghanistan.

His latest paintings are an exploration into the realm of cultures and civilizations and the clashes that happen there. In Urdu He is writing the stories of the Arabian Nights alongside, overlapping and inter-twining Harry Potter in English. Layer upon layer my work becomes more abstracted and a further layer of some-what out dated cartoon characters which in turn are worlds apart from the cultural perspective are added. His intent is to demonstrate the 'comical' of the modern warfare and conflicts between cultures and nations by the use of children's stories suggesting that we are prone to propaganda from an early age.

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