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Are Uncle Sam's Fish More Precious Than Our People ?

Title - Are Uncle Sam's Fish More Precious Than Our People ?  , Size - 20 x 10 feet , Materials - Print on flex , Year - 2012 , Location - Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India ,

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The Bhopal gas tragedy is well known and well documented. More than 25,000 people died in this tragedy. Even today people are suffering from various diseases associated with this incident. Very less compensation has been provided to the families of those who lost their lives or to those who continue to suffer from related diseases. For twenty-five years victims have been waiting for justice. Little hope remains.

In the USA millions of gallons of oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico between April and July of 2010 damaging the fragile wetlands of Louisiana, washing ashore in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida and hitting coastal industries including fishing and tourism. The Obama administration told British Petroleum to pay US$20 billion as compensation by 2012 otherwise they will take over the company.

The two point I am raising in my artwork, in first point I am comparing these two man-made tragedies. In one case human beings died and in the other, fish died. There were different outcomes and different value systems in play. Bhopal's human victims are still waiting for justice, whereas the USA received compensation for dead fish and environmental damage. This artwork will raise questions such as; "how important are human lives in our country and do we really care enough?"

The second point I am raising in my art work Dow chemicals inherited the criminal by buying union carbide in 2001 at the same time didn't take any liabilities of bhopal gas victims like clean up of the site result of that still Bhopal people is drinking contaminated water and 4000 people are routinely exposed to cancer and birth defect.

But this is not the only mass murderous episode in the history of Dow Chemicals. Dow Chemicals has flourished on war and mass destruction in world war 1 Dow chemicals produced magnesium for incendiary flares,monochlorobenzene and phenol for explosives and bromine for tear gas. It has been reported thatby 1918, 90% of the company 's production was for war.

After the second world war, Dow Chemicals is known to have transferred technology to I.G.Farben, one of the largets industrial houses supporting Hitler, thereby profiting from armament related sales to both sides

During the Vietnam war(1961-1971) Dow Chemicals produced napalm and "Agent orange" for bombing the Vietnamees because of that 400000 vietnamees were killed, 500000 children born with birth defects, mass destruction to the nature. After all these Dow chemicals is sponsoring Olympics 2012.

The point I want to raise through my art work the company who was responsible for mass murderous of human kind and mass destruction to the nature does not deserve to be in Olympic as a sponsor. I appeal to the Indian people and Indian government to boycott the Olympics till the Dow chemicals sponsorship is not taken back by the Olympics committee.

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