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Title - Bigature , Size - 20 x 10 feet , Materials - Acrylic dry peels and Print on flex , Year - 2011 , Location - Udaipur, Rajasthan, India ,

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My latest work "Bigature" is a new format of the traditional miniature painting as we know it from its history.

Udaipur is having great history in Miniature Paintings, however, today the majority of our Miniature Artists using this 'traditional art' are merely making copies of the same subject over and over again for the tourist market.

Keep that in mind as I have deliberately decided to work on miniature painting for making comment, my intention is to bring about some awareness of a suggested 'death' of the original within the Miniature Art of Udaipur.

I have made my work by in fact making a copy of a miniature painting printed in large format on flex. Then I have cut out the figurative images and added acrylic dry peels. I've painted skulls on the first layer of my acrylic dry peels to show a suggested death of miniature painting, so apart from this repeated scull being painted I have not used brushes, this is to further suggest that to make a copy you don't even need to have the training and skill level to produce a Miniature Painting.

By focusing on the oval border and the figures from the original copy of a copy I have made the figures as negative shapes to try to bring a positive response from other Artists working in the field of Miniature Painting and bring a level of respectable originality back to the ongoing history of this Art form.

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