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Metro Lollies

Title - Metro Lollies , Size - 250 Pieces , Materials - Acrylic dry peels, Wooden stick and Clay Pots , Year - 2010 , Location - Epi Center,Gurgaon,India

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"Metro lollies" is about 'metro culture'. The installation is about new Indian generations. People who are devoid of emotions and becoming "plastic" in their behavior, they were born human but current environmental conditioning (brands and labels) has forced us to became plastic.

Mall culture, multiplexes and plush apartments have taken over our lives especially in the metro cities. We prefer to buy even our vegetables from the air conditioned mall than from the humble sabziala (vegetable seller) along the street.

This installation consists of several flowers depicting plastic people, each flower is made of a dried acrylic colour peel, which is also plastic as a material,Isn't it time to think that some-thing must be done to go back to our roots and give up this plastic life and false smiles. Haven't we forgotten to be human beings first in this rat race?

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