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Shoe Men's Property 1 & 2

Title - Shoe Men's property 1 & 2, Size - 8 x 5 feet, Materials - Iron, Copper, Gold Leaf, Lithium Phone Batteries, Year - 2011, Location - Gallery One,Udaipur,Rajasthan,India

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Artist Sayed Irshad Ali begins the new year at Gallery One with an installation design to reawaken our memory and increase our awareness. Shoe men's property 1 and 2 refers to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. The political boundaries each created out of iron: one filled with "oil" and other spilling mobile phone batteries out of its centre.. mobile phone batteries containing lithium one of the rare minerals found in abundance in Afghanistan.

We are asked to be reminded of the rich recourses of both countries: oil, gold, copper, lithium, cobalt and many more and contemplate the materialistic motives behind the invasion of these countries and the lives lost in the pursuit of the wealth. Iraq rests upon the desert sand, while Afghanistan hangs on its side, the edges of its perimeter suggesting peaks of its country's mountainous terrain. The small motorized "Shoe boat" that circles aimlessly in the basin that represent Iraq refer to the shoe thrown at former US President George Bush by a Iraqi journalist… a symbol of anger and frustration and a sense of exploitation among the Iraqi people. But the very white shoe in "Shoe men's property" symbolized America as it circles the boundaries of its newly acquired property.

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